Unique self-test kit based on gargling from oral cavity and the nasopharynx.


THE GARGTEST is a unique self-test kit. It is based on gargling from the nasopharynx. GARGTEST is the result of work by Czech scientists. It is the connection of science and research, with practise in resolving the current problems with testing for Covid-19. It is the perfect example of translational medical research, the result of shared effort and motivation on the part of Czech scientists and manufacturers to contribute to this process via our own methods. Its development and manufacture are not complicated, for they are based on methods and components already in use. The test is simple to carry out.


Collection by gargling is as opposed to the collection
from the nasopharynx comfortable and does not irritate the mucous membranes 

The collection by gargling is of comparable quality as the collection from the nasopharynx.

In the case of the collection in the comfort of your home, you can fill in the electronic request yourself and thus speed up the entire processing of the test.

Why gargling?

1. Irrigation of the oral cavity and the pharynx by gargling is a reliable method of self-collecting samples for virological testing, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus

2. This new method of diagnostic self-collection is functionally comparable and does not differ statistically from the collection performed by healthcare professionals using nasopharyngeal swabs.

3. Self-collection by gargling is safe, simple, and easy to do, even by an instructed layman.

4. There is no need for assistance from medical staff during collection.

5. It is a completely painless way of collecting samples from the pharynx and oral cavity which does not irritate the mucosa, even when a repeated collection is done.

6. The collected sample is stabilized with a special buffer and storage or transport to laboratories at a reduced temperature is not necessary.

7. Viruses remain stable in the solution for a long period of time over a wide range of temperatures (from 4-37 °C) for at least 1 week.

What is GARGTEST not intended for?

1. GARGTEST does not prove the presence of a virus on the spot (upon the collection), it is only a kit for self-collecting biological material that must be further tested in a medical laboratory.

2. GARGTEST is not suitable for the examination of bacterial flora, as the stabilizing solution contains substances that suppress the growth of bacteria, yeasts and fungi

Important notes

1.Don´t use the GARGTEST self-collection kit if it is damaged or has expired - see expiration date on the package.

2. The self-collection kit is intended for single use only.

3. The fine powder at the bottom of the collection tube usually forms a hard, homogeneous layer. The disintegration of this layer does not damage the product and does not affect its performance. Do not inhale or ingest the powder.